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We would love to have you join us at Into His Chambers Global International Ministries for worship service in Auburn, WA. Many don’t really know what the true meaning of worship is. True worship is from the heart, and can be felt fully throughout one’s mind, body and spirit. True worship prayer is not just simply going through the motions, but comes straight from the spirit. It is not something that is ritualistic with real Christian worship. And, when we give thanks to God, knowing that He is Truly Worthy of celebration, admiration and loving church worship is what we are all about.

When we truly worship, a few things always happen. Firstly, we get a chance to look upward to God. It puts our view of who God is in huge perspective, and we can truly come to Him in worship prayer with open hearts and souls. Secondly, we get a chance to look inward, especially when we are a part of a worship community. When you take this time to look inside, it gives you a chance to examine yourself in the fullest truth and come to God wholeheartedly and completely honest. Finally, with Christian worship you get a chance to look outwardly. This is the result of prayer, and taking action to do what God asks of you.

Here at Into His Chambers Global International Ministries, we have for over 13 years valued having our wonderful worship location for church worship in Auburn WA, and would love it if you would join our worship community. Our Sunday worship service has touched the hearts and souls of many over the years, and we will continue to be a church that is community involved, multicultural, loving, and accepting of anyone who wants to attend church worship in Auburn WA. 

We can’t wait to see you, and God Bless!

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